Most Common Types of Windows

If you are looking to renovating your home and updating your windows, it will be helpful to know what your options are so you can plan your new designs accordingly.


Windows are an essential part of your home – they keep your house well ventilated, make your home brighter once you let the natural light in, and of course, they can make your house look even more beautiful.


There is a wide array of selection when it comes to windows, and you will surely find something that will fit your taste.


Slider windows – Slider windows can be moved by sliding horizontally from one side to another. Slider windows are usually made up of a pair of windows, sometimes both can be moved, sometimes, only one can slide to the other side.


Awning windows – A type of crank window, awning windows can be opened by pushing them outward, upward. Awning windows are an excellent choice if you love looking at the view outside. This window choice is also great for letting natural light in.


Casement windows – Casement windows are just like awning windows, the only main difference is that casement windows have hinges on the side – therefore, it can be opened by pushing one side outward, from one side.


Picture windows – If you love looking at views, then picture window may just be for you. Picture windows are large windows, and sometimes have can go as high from the floor to the ceiling. Picture windows cannot be slid or cranked – it just stays in place. If you love open spaces and want to revel in natural light, go for a picture window.


Single sash windows – A single sash window has two panels one at the top and one at the bottom. In a single sash window, one of the panels can be slid upwards, while the other panel remains in place.

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