How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Windows at Home

A window is as important as any part of your home, and therefore, should be paid attention to, just like the other parts of your home.


You should keep your windows free from dirt and grime. The average time a window should be washed is once every three months. However, if you live in a dusty or particularly polluted area, you might want to do it more often.


Window washing is something you can do using just common household items. It’s really simple, and, if you are not cleaning hundreds of windows located in elevated areas, you don’t really need professional window cleaners to help you out.


  • Before anything else, remove dust from the window panes and window sash using a dry cloth or a feather duster. Make sure you clean every corner of the window.
  • Vinegar is a known as one of the most effective windows cleaner ever. Grab a spray bottle and fill it with 50 percent water and 50 percent distilled vinegar.
  • Spray the mixture deliberately on the window glass and use a moist squeegee to remove excess liquid.
  • Use straight, uniform downwards motion with the squeegee to avoid any marks left on your glass window.
  • Dry your windows with the use of microfiber cloth. Don’t leave your windows wet or damp as it could attract dust and other particulates in the air which will just make your window dirty again.


In cleaning your window, don’t ever use rough cleaning materials such as the scrubby side of the dish sponge as it could just scratch windows. A scratch too deep and too noticeable might merit a window replacement – which could be expensive.


To properly maintain your window, inspect it regularly and check for tiny cracks that might easily lead to bigger problems. Unfortunately, cracks in the window pane will automatically lead to glass replacement. But the sooner you locate it, the better because cracks can quickly turn into bigger ones and cause major accidents – therefore, the windows have to be replaced soon.

Most Common Types of Windows

If you are looking to renovating your home and updating your windows, it will be helpful to know what your options are so you can plan your new designs accordingly.


Windows are an essential part of your home – they keep your house well ventilated, make your home brighter once you let the natural light in, and of course, they can make your house look even more beautiful.


There is a wide array of selection when it comes to windows, and you will surely find something that will fit your taste.


Slider windows – Slider windows can be moved by sliding horizontally from one side to another. Slider windows are usually made up of a pair of windows, sometimes both can be moved, sometimes, only one can slide to the other side.


Awning windows – A type of crank window, awning windows can be opened by pushing them outward, upward. Awning windows are an excellent choice if you love looking at the view outside. This window choice is also great for letting natural light in.


Casement windows – Casement windows are just like awning windows, the only main difference is that casement windows have hinges on the side – therefore, it can be opened by pushing one side outward, from one side.


Picture windows – If you love looking at views, then picture window may just be for you. Picture windows are large windows, and sometimes have can go as high from the floor to the ceiling. Picture windows cannot be slid or cranked – it just stays in place. If you love open spaces and want to revel in natural light, go for a picture window.


Single sash windows – A single sash window has two panels one at the top and one at the bottom. In a single sash window, one of the panels can be slid upwards, while the other panel remains in place.

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Choosing the Right Windows for your Home

House design, construction materials, paint colors, amenities, and furniture pieces are just some of the first things that you imagine as you are having your home constructed. But just as with every other element of your home, you have to be careful and meticulous in choosing one important feature of each home – windows.


In choosing a window, you should take into consideration more than just the appearance. Naturally, you have to consider the quality as well. Windows may just be a small part of the house, but they can be expensive, too. In addition, if you purchase a window that has subpar quality can lead to early damages and the need for a replacement sooner than expected – in short, wasted money.


You have to think about more than just your choice of design and style when choosing a window. You have to contemplate on the glass and the frame material as well.


When it comes to glass, you can choose single pane, double pane, or triple pane. The thicker the glass, the sturdier it will be against strong winds, rain, and even snow. However, thick glass windows might not be the best choice for areas with warmer climates.


As for the frame materials of your window, you have four main types to choose from: fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood.


  • Wood can be really elegant and sturdy; however, it is susceptible to decay, is usually high maintenance, and can get really expensive.
  • Aluminum is tough, low maintenance, and can last for a long time. The downside of aluminum frames is that they are not as great as the other frame types in terms of insulation.
  • Vinyl frames are usually affordable and require little maintenance, but these frames can become brittle over time, particularly after being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Fiberglass has superb strength as well as unparalleled insulation properties. But they are quite pricey and its color can fade over time.